Local beer

I was sitting in our community owned pub (the Anglers Rest in Bamford) the other night supping a pint of our locally brewed beer (from the Interpid Brewery in Brough) and feeling rather satisfied to be supporting the local economy and enjoying it! Many of us remember the bad old days of Watney’s Red Barrel and Double Diamond – products of massive chemical engineering works which tasted like they had come straight out of a petrochemical refinery. The rise of the craft beer and the micro-brewery movement supported by CAMRA has transformed the beer market. Beer has never travelled particularly well but now there is no need to drink beer that has travelled the length of the countyr or even the world. If you live in the Hope Valley you can enjoy a range of beers fromour own Intrepid brewed in the valley. Even if that is not to your taste it is not so far to Bradfield where Farmers Blonde is brewed or to Bakewell home of Thornbridge Brewery. As well as getting a good craft product with a distincive character you are supporting small scale local industry. It would be great to see one of them producing organic beer but in the meantime I will settle for a local brew in a pub owned by the community. In fact I think I ought to go there right now and put my money where my mouth is!