2016 Achievements

In 2016, amongst other things, we:

  • Got lots of people along to a varied range of speaker meetings, on topics relating to sustainability,  raising awareness, knowledge, and energy.
  • Organised energy audits in 4 public buildings in the valley. These have  led to plans to improve energy efficiency, and to awareness of what can be done spreading amongst people who use these buildings.  As plans are implemented, we’ll keep folks informed on the website, and hope to follow up in other ways.
  • Ran a successful Carbon Reduction course – learning how to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Apple Day – very successful at a lovely new venue – the Bamford Quaker Community. Lots of people came, pressed their apples to make juice, explored the varieties of apples, apple cooking, apple games, making poetry and willow weaving, listened to local music, powered by solar energy….   Once again, National Trust Longshaw, and Grindleford Playgroup made fantastic contributions.
  • Connected with all sorts of others – eg local MP, local businesses, neighbouring transition groups, etc. etc…

We will build on this in 2017.

One thought on “2016 Achievements”

  1. Bamford Community Arts & Crafts (BCAC) enjoyed being able to contribute the lottery-funded willow weaving workshop and the Emergency Poet. Let’s hope we can work together again this year to provide some Apple Day activities!

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