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 Public meeting: 7 March – John McGough will speak about Hope Construction Materials’ approach to sustainability

Report on Climate Change Public Meeting

Carbon reduction Course: Starting with a taster session 20 January 

Public Speaker Meeting Series

Petition asking Derbyshire County Council Pension Fund to disinvest the £290 million it has invested in fossil fuel companies

Concerned about a sustainable future ?

So are the people that make up transition hope valley. We are broadly based on the Transition Towns concept which will help to make the Hope Valley a more sustainable, self-sufficient and resilient community through events, workshops, re-skilling and raising awareness of local issues.

Since its inception in 2009, transition hope valley has been involved with a number of initiatives within the region, together which have brought together a wide range of people with a common aim, to develop a market and an interest in locally grown food and products.

If you want to know more, please contact us at transition hope valley and join in the creation of a greener and brighter Hope Valley.

 Hope Valley Apple Day, 2015  – Pictures
Great Hope Valley Apple Bakeoff (with handbags) – the winners!

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