Valley links

We know there are lots of groups in the Hope Valley who are doing things to make their communities more sustainable and better places to live. We aim to support them in any way we can. On this page you can find details of the projects we know about. If your project is not listed, and you think it should be, then do let us know.

Divest Derbyshire

Campaign  to get Derbyshire Pension Fund to dis-invest the £290 million that is currently invested in fossil fuels.

Frack Free South Yorkshire

Fracking licenses have been issued across South Yorkshire, on our doorstep.   Frack Free South Yorkshire has a wealth of information on campaigns, and on fracking generally.

Bamford Community Hub

aka The Anglers Rest – a community owned pub, cafe and Post Office

Bamford Quaker Community

Bamford has a small Quaker Community livng on the site of the old HQ for the building of the Derwent Dams. They run retreats and workshops on sustainability.

Bradwell Community Orchard

now known as Michlow Orchard owned and run by the people of Bradwell

Sustainable Edale

Encourages ethical and sustainable living for residents and visitors to Edale.

Grindleford village website

The Grindleford village website includes some great sustainable initiatives including a community run shop and a very active allotment group.

Grindleford Community Shop

Open 7 days a week.

Forest Schools (for young children):

Grindleford    Hathersage ……

Hathersage Allotments

Hope Valley Railway Users Group

The group campaigns for improvements to the passenger service in the Hope Valley. Currentyl their major efforts are aimed at getting an hourly stopping service at all stations in the valley.

Thornhill Eco-Home

A great website showing how one family have developed an ecologically sustainable home in Thornhill

Other local transition groups – news and activities

Buxton Transition Group

Other useful links

new economics foundation

Well informed and illustrated information on economy, environment, society.  See especially: nef blog and weekly podcasts.

Community Climate Action newsletter

Provides services for community groups in Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire taking action on climate change.


A wealth of good resources on developing transition-based local projects

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